Who is Going to Dig?

A Prophetic Word from Dr. Shirley Arnold

Translated from the original on the Revival People Netherlands site

Below is a recent word from God about undiscovered rivers of revival under the (spiritual) surface of the Earth.

Who is Going to Dig?

During a recent trip, I woke up from a prophetic dream that laid a new vision of revival in my heart. I believe that this dream is a picture of the formation of a powerful generation of people, called and released by God, who are searching for the lost sources. The Lord began to speak to me about his plans for a revival in this generation.

In this dream I saw old wells and underground rivers. The rivers were undiscovered and deeply hidden under the surface. Then I saw people with staffs in their hands and I knew: these are the people who long for a movement of God. They are willing to pray, seek and keep going until they have found the closed springs and underground rivers.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me that the pressure in the underground water was increasing, ready to explode! I heard Him say, ”These are the people who are hungry for revival and who are tired of just another meeting. The hearts of these people long for something greater from Me!”

The thought came to me that God is looking for a new kind of Apostles and Prophets who want to drill down at this hour to the blocked wells and rivers to make them flow again.

I was processing this image in my mind and I asked the Holy Spirit, ”What do these underground rivers mean?” He replied that these rivers symbolize the deep workings of the Spirit, works that until now are unknown in their greatness.

The Spirit also said, ”It does not matter how far humanity has been driven from God, the sources and the rivers of God’s promises are still there, waiting to be allowed to flow again!”

I also saw that America, once the forerunner of many revivals, has become spiritually cold! But even there, the blocked springs and underground rivers wait for people who can see them with their spiritual eyes. These people are also called by God to reopen the springs and to let the rivers of God’s power flow! It is of great importance that the churches of today dare to set this prophetic thought free so that God can do his work again! And the Lord says, ”It will come. The springs and rivers will flow again, because the pressure in the water to flow freely increases every day!!”

Even though people and ministries fall away, the promises of God remain like clouds hanging in the air, waiting for them to give their water to the earth. Every generation receives the calling to find and dig up the rivers and sources of the early rains. The Bible talks about the early rains and the late rains and the task of turning the springs and rivers that have been created from the early rains into God’s promises that the late rains will give a great revival. It should never be the case that with the loss of leaders, God’s power falls away!

In my dream I saw how the people with staffs in their hands kept searching for the water of God’s revival with remarkable strength and perseverance. The Lord said to me, ”They will find it and when they have found it, it will shoot out of the earth with great power because the pressure in the water is still increasing.”

Maybe this seems a weird image: people with old-fashioned staffs in their hands, looking for the living water of God. But this is a prophetic picture from God that shows that there are people who want to follow God and obey, whatever it costs! They realize that they have to put aside the fear of people and of religion and they should not be afraid of the harsh voice of tradition that wants to keep everything old!

At this time, God is calling together a people who are looking for real life, not driven by tradition or religion, but by the desire for a real revival!!

My answer to the dream was:
”Lord, may Your Will be done!”
Joel 2:23

Dr Shirley Arnold